welcome to my new blog.

This blog is basically developed as a helping hand to the deserved. There are many people out there, who need advice badly. Especially for students. Some are unaware of state exams, competitive exams, and other options that can help them build their career. I saw many of my friends who got talent but couldn't get admission just because of not being aware of many exams. Many are not aware of the financial sources as well as the financial help that they can get from different ways.

Project: Vidhya-Spurthi

An initiation by me to encourage students as well as aware them about the various courses that a student can choose right after 10th and 12th. Several posters, videos, and exams lists have been made to bring awareness to Indian students, especially to poor students who have financial problems for continuing their education and who have no one to guide.

(PDF) Career selection guide for 10th and 12th

Project: Uchita-Vidhya

Because of poverty and financial constraints, many deserved students are dropping their education even at their early stages. We know that education can change the face of a whole family and hence their future generations. So, my attempt under this project is to aware the deserved students about the financial aid that they can get from different sources as free scholarships. If you or any of your known students have financial problems, do help them get the scholarship by just awaring them the list.

(PDF) List of Scholarships and exam-based-scholarships for school and college students

Note: If your (your family's) financial status is good, then please avoid taking scholarships. That way, you are allowing a deserved candidate get a scholarship as the no. of scholarships in India are limited.

I myself didn't know about many exams and scholarship facilities when I was in my higher and intermediate studies and so I missed a lot of opportunities. All these issues made me decide to write regarding topics/views that matter to you. Especially this blog covers about
  • Education including child education
  • Career opportunities
  • Career selection and counselling
  • Self development, leadership and motivation
  • Parental guidance
  • Social issues
  • Ideas for Entrepreneurship, self employment etc
  • Women safety and empowerment
  • Humanism
  • My views and ideas on several issues
  • And more 

As of now, this blog might not have covered everything as listed/planned above, but slowly and with time, things will get added one by one and may be many more additional topics will be discussed.  I would also wish the readers to state their issues or share problems that they came across, so that we can think of it to find a solution if it's a common social problem. 

Well, let me introduce you about myself. I'm Bhanu Chander, basically from Tirupati, A.P., India, did my B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from S.V.University, Tirupati, and currently pursuing  Research (MS - Masters in Science) in Engineering Design department of IIT Madras. I'm in Robotics Laboratory. I had 4+ years work experience with Larsen and Toubro LTD, Construction division and worked at several parts of Anantapur, A.P., as well as at Allahabad, U.P. Reading story books, drawing and cricket was my hobbies back then, but now have several part time hobbies :P everything almost digital and no physical games :(. I'm also a blogger and I have four blogs including this one. They are listed below

Stuff You Look blog - In This blog, I speak completely about design exams in India, especially CEED, UCEED, NID and other related exams, covering tips and steps. All the materials/resources that I release in this blog are free for students benefit. These exams are one of its kind where finding resources are much tougher, and that's why I aimed at these exams by giving useful free materials and free mock tests, including detailed explanations about dealing with some questions so that students would practice online easily. This blog is also helpful for exams like NATA, NIFT etc

Easy Blogger Stuff blog - After I started writing on my first blog, I got to know about blogspot free platform, where we can start our own free blogs. I also came across many entrepreneurs and marketing people wit success stories. With those learning, I created this blog, which basically gives free guide on how to build a blogspot blog step by step. This blog also covered topics related to different social media, social media marketing, content making, networking etc. All these are based on my experience with my online presence. I also took few interviews with bloggers around the world

Tirupati Image gallery - This is a blog that I created to share my captures and I'm not maintaining  that seriously because it seems this is not that much useful for people. 

You can see me in my social profiles, links of which are available above to the right of this blog page.


  1. bro where we get uceed material

  2. dear bhanu sir, I'm really interested in concept of you new blog.so i thought its worth sharing some information regarding the issues you've mentioned.

    1. Good to see your motivation. You may also try starting your own platform or use the existing. Best wishes Sai.

  3. hello sir I am a CEED aspirant and your blog helps me a lot. I have many doubts to ask you can you suggest me where can I post those questions related to CEED part B so that I can get your quick reply

  4. Hello sir, I completed diploma in mechanical engineering last month.
    I want to surely pursue product design..
    I have 2 choices
    1. To complete B.E. in 3 yers and go for M des(if everything goes right i would have a M des in 5 years)
    2. Leave engineering and go for UCEED and NID-DAT this january and get admission for B des (if everything goes right I will have B des in 5 years)
    Pls help me making this choice