This page holds a collection of links related to Education and Career. In particular, the page discusses in giving career guidance to 10th and 12th class students and also include the available scholarships in India from school to graduation.

Under the banner of Project: Vidhya-Spurthi several posters, videos and exams lists are made to bring awareness to Indian students especially to rural students who have financial problems for continuing their education and who have no one to guide.

(PDF) Career selection guide for 10th and 12th

Project: Uchita-Vidhya

Because of poverty and financial constraints, many deserved students are dropping their education even at their early stages. We know that education can change the face of a whole family and hence their future generations. So, my attempt under this project is to aware the deserved students about the financial aid that they can get from different sources as free scholarships. If you or any of your known students have financial problems, do help them get the scholarship by just awaring them the list.

(PDF) List of Scholarships and exam-based-scholarships for school and college students

Note: If your (your family's) financial status is good, then please avoid taking scholarships. That way, you are allowing a deserved candidate get a scholarship as the no. of scholarships in India are limited.

Career Selection guide

For 10th

What to do after 10th class | career selection after SSC/High-school

For 12th

What to do after 12th class | B.A. Course list

What to do after 12th class | B.Com. Course list

Other Articles

Things to make you Great!  A responsible person perspective (infographic)

Complete course list (Flow Chart) after 10th and 12th 

Please note that you are free to distribute, print or circulate to anyone for free and not for earning purpose. I request you to share this printed version (Black and white in A3 size) if you happened to visit any nearby state medium schools/colleges or any rural schools to bring awareness among the students for their benefit. Thank you :)

Project: Vidhya-Spurthi

New Poster that includes Exams list for 11th and 12th too

Project: Vidhya-Spurthi

(Color Version)

(Print Version)

List of Exams for 11th and 12th 


  1. (PDF) List of Scholarships and exam-based-scholarships for school and college students
    download kavadam leadu please sent Email :

  2. I got 96.25% in ISC and 84.95%tile in jee mains without any coaching. UPTU results are awaited. So should I do coaching for IIT or should I join a uptu college (if it is a good one)?
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