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Jobless ? Sitting at home ? Several options for you ......

Hello friend,

Before listing out the possible options for you, let me write something relevant, to motivate you. I apologize for the long writings, but I think it's worth sharing here :)

It's a historic belief that education is the identity of a person. Education is not the only platform to judge a person. Having a degree and getting distinctions is not the only criteria in deciding whether you are knowledgeable or not. Trust me, no one is perfect in every thing. Studying in top institutes (for ex. IIT for Indians) doesn't mean that he/she is far superior in  thinking, creativity, fastness, getting chances etc. Everyone has their own ups and downs. The only thing is we need to figure out which things we are good at (sports, arts, creativity, speaking/writing, acting, directing, entrepreneurship, business, strategist, biologist etc) and this is possible only if you TRY. Unless you don't try, you won't come to know whether something is fit to you or not.

There are several reasons for not getting a job, or being at home - your college has no proper placement cell, recession, or the companies that you visited is not fit for you, you're married and have children, have family burden etc. Fault is never always from your side, but many factors accounts. Well, not having a job or not clearing or getting higher ranks in competitive exams usually end up either in making you wait till 6 months or 1 year, during which we might end up in a state of frustration. Listening to the words or so  called advices of Your surroundings (especially your relatives and sometimes may be your own parents) start pinching you. You yourself might get bored doing no productive work at home and for depending on someone for living! and you might feel sad just because your friends are in high paying jobs, even though you feel like you are no inferior to them. 

Well, friends, let me remind you that being idle and having free time are of course kind of advantage to you. 

Guess why ? ............ Alright, listen !

Being  idle without any job or after graduation is the time when you evoke your hidden talents. It's actually an opportunity to you to explore your strengths/capabilities, to find alternatives, to make you search through and learn unknown things and also to help you master the power of tackling hard situation. If you cannot face that kind of situation, then you may not be able to do a job, or you may not bear your fiancĂ©e in future :P. One need to be patient and should understand that, the more you wait, it means something good/better is waiting for you. You didn't get a job - probably that job is not fit for you, that's why! or something better option is waiting for you. Remember guys, it takes time to achieve success in life and is not an one step process.

But wait ........ all the above things that I'm telling you is not possible if you procrastinate all the time and spend time watching TV's or just roaming around trying no other activity! If you're like that, then you must/need/HAVE to change from now. Make use of your time. Wasting time is the best 'worst thing' that I ever saw. This is the time you need to be more cautions and if don't utilize it (time) properly, then you may end up continuing where you are! sorry for this but it's true. You really need to do something without wasting your time even if it doesn't help in your career growth. Keeping yourself motivated by engaging with several productive activities is the key thing to get you away from frustrations as well as help you unleash your opportunities. In many cases, build your own door instead of waiting some opportunity to knock your broken doors!. It's ok if you've wasted your time during studies, but its not ok to do so while being idle! trust me.

So what to do ?

You got plenty of options to keep you productive, help you grow and master new skills, as well as get hands on experience with several of your already known, but hidden skills. So that the way you keep yourself engaged, will itself kick the (so called) frustration and you will be amazed with the results and you will really thank god for letting you idle for some part of your life! Even viewers (parents, relatives, friends etc) will be amazed with your productive work. So, below are the topics that you might want to try if you are not preparing for any competitive exams and have no pressures from home for jobs etc. Even if you are appearing for any competitive exams but got plenty of time to spend, then you might consider doing few things as a hobby to help you keep positive and fresh!

Key note

If you're seriously aspiring for any competitive exams and you don't have free time, then you really have to focus on that exam only, instead of trying any other thing. This is for those whom have time or can spare time for their career development as well to establish an identity. Below I have listed what I know 

1. Online free courses (MOOC)

The best free source for subject knowledge and for getting expertise on a specific filed is through online courses. A big hearty thanks to a friend of mine - Chaitali Patil, who suggested me to take courses. She gave a hint of what it is and then when I started exploring topics, I couldn't resist stopping that. Back then when I was sitting at home in 2014, she introduced me to online courses. I started taking courses one by one and soon within 3-4 months, I completed 15+ courses achieving free certificates (statement of accomplishments (SOA)) from the universities, which you can see here in my LinkedIn profile - Thanks to her again and that is the power of online presence and network. You get to know good amount of knowledge or you yourself can act as a source of knowledge to others. That is why I never hesitate to share what I know because many could get benefited out of it like I got benefited from my friend. 

The first and best thing you can consider is doing some online courses. There are countless courses available online on diverse topics from many reputed institutes, from around the globe. Topics range from basics to advanced studies covering what not ? almost all fields of studies. Good part is more online courses are available for current hot research and high paying fields. I will cover the list of top areas that is highly paying (and that has demand in the future) in my upcoming posts. But, for now, do search through the online platforms for the courses and enjoying being a part. I have listed best online learning platforms that I know below. But note that unfortunately most of them stopped offering free certificates, yet you can access all the videos and take part in course. Still, since utilizing time is important by gaining expertise/knowledge in the field, I would recommend you to take them (free courses, not paid ones!) even if you don't get certificates. 

(You can google more)

Even now, being in IIT institute, I mostly rely on online courses instead of class courses for my research and studies.  I wish they would start again offering SOA/certificates to encourage free education and for your benefit. You know what, they do add value to your profile/resume and we certainly get credit out of it. After updating my profile in LinkedIn with these SOAs, I got offers from top MNC institutes, but since I'm studying now, I didn't took them seriously! 

2. Don't do specific, be diverse

Doing courses that is related to your field is ok, but be diverse and do studies or work on other closely relevant or not related but highly relevant/required fields. Like say Sustainability studies, climatic and Energy studies, alternatives, management and strategic studies, health care, finance, psychology, Leadership, entrepreneurship and humanitarian studies, marketing, team playing, communication, design, biology (this one is really specific to medical guys), computer science, decision making etc. This will help you get leadership skills and of course many companies love to see them in your profile. They expect you to be a managerial person with diverse knowledge especially concerned to social welfare and future thinking kind. So, try your hands trying new things and see yourself the beauty in it!

3. Internship

If you're a student and waiting for job or have time before getting through admissions, then internship is definitely a good option to keep yourself engaged. You can take internship by approaching to any institutional professors, industries/companies, start-ups, offices, any teaching institutes and many more. Doing internship related to your study domain is recommended although working on other domains are secondary. In case of India, if I'm not wrong, all the top central institutes (especially IIT's are offering summer internships with stipend! but with certain eligibility conditions. Here is an example from our institute - IIT Madras Summer Fellowship Programs

4. Don't be in earning mode, be in learning mode!

Well, I've seen many (especially B.Tech/BE engineering students) doing teaching jobs in private institutes for some small earnings. I agree, its a cool idea. If your family has some financial problems, then having a temporary teaching jobs or joining any organization with less pay (like Rs. 6000 pm) is ok for some months. But, you should not make it your permanent job. Earning few bucks is not meant for you. Just by compromising and adjusting and moving along what is happening shouldn't be your nature. 

While doing these temporary jobs, have plans and look for options or even studies/training that will help you advance in your career or life. So, never think these small jobs as your permanent sources (if you have calibre and are willing to face), instead wait for the right time to beat the competition and reach your desired zones. Till then be in learning mode and push yourself beyond the limits either to cracks exams or to identify your skills/alternatives.

5. Blogging and Social Networking

Ahhh ..... here comes my best buddy ..... blogging. I never thought I would be writing this kind of lengthy paras. Back then, when I understood that I have to leave my job and pursue higher education, I wondered what to do till my admissions. Then somehow luckily I tried my hands on blogging (My first blog - Stuff You Look blog - Design exams resources, tips and guide)  which was my long desire (but earlier couldn't tried because of fear). Slowly, I started sharing what I know and what I felt is useful to at least few out there, and you know what my first blog is a big hit helping many students with their design exam preparations in self study phase. I appreciate my own attitude of maintaining patience, by waiting instead of expecting immediate results. Blogging/writing takes time to master.  
Remember it takes years for a seed to turn into a strong tree and there are no short cuts for instant success! Blogging helped me know my writing skills (forget about my poor grammar even now :P, but I feel my grammar has improved to some extent compared to what it was when I started writing). 

Write/share whatever you know, whatever you are good at and whatever you wish is insufficient and needed by many. It can be about studies, life, health, photography, women, politics, art, reviews, technology, science, novels, stories, gadgets, sports, books, quotes, beauty tips, how to's (how to write English, how to drive a car, how to procrastinate or avoid procrastination :P) etc. what not......anything. It's your call and you're free to use free platforms. You know what, if you're content (what you share) is useful and is attracting many people, then you can also make ways of earning a good fortune from blogging, seriously!

I know many bloggers, some were talented coders, some were doing highly paid jobs in MNCs, some were employees etc whom left their jobs and made blogging as their primary source of income. (example ? - check this blog - Shout Me Loud). Probably, they must have found satisfaction in what they are doing and are self employed! instead of being under a bossy hierachy - listening to the firing words of bosses as in corporate companies. 

But, I'm not telling you to do same, I mean leaving job and start blogging. It can be your hobby, your extra source of fun, income and the biggest thing is ............ it is the best source of network! having links with people. I mentioned about my friend Chaitali Patil above right ?, and who do you think she is? my classmate .... nope!, relative .....nope!.....then?, she is one of my online blog friend. Now, you must have understood the beauty of having social network either through blogging or other way. Don't you agree that the info she shared about online courses brought me (and probably to you too!) fortune? 

So, apart from blogging, start having a strong community/network, either with a professional network of related field or with any others, using social media like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook etc. Take part in discussions (in twitter) and search through groups (in FB and others) to gain knowledge of what they are posting about your related fields or new things that you don't know but that interests you. Share your ideas as well for other gain. 

Well, my blog might feel bad if I share/speak only about others and not about me :P consider my story as also a success one too. But the only thing is, I use different metric to rate success. Bloggers/business people use factors like income and the number of page views per day as their metric but I use number of people benefited and the satisfaction that I got, as my own metric. I'm not serious in making money from blogs (by including popup ads or giving wrong ad link), but instead my first intention is spreading of what I know! Ahh .... see the cheerful face of my blog, seems like it's happy now :)

6. Experimental

Use the free time as your experimental gateway to experiment on something that you felt like having a fruitful results like say blogging just as I discussed, start-up ideas, collaboration etc. You can do experiments also on say music, sports, software usage, programming/coding, digital art, hands on experiments with mobiles etc. so many things you can try.

7. Entrepreneurship, online business and eCommerce 

Like I mentioned earlier, many people (like me :P) don't like working under a boss or to be an employee. Entrepreneurship is the best option for them. If you have some business plans, then use your time and start making plans for it, like finding sources of funds, how to set-up things, procure, human resources etc. Remember it takes time and guts to start a business! and one should be ready to accept risk or face any consequences. Alternatively many do a backup being in business. Survey about your interested fields and check the possibilities, latest trends and competitors. Do a thorough investigation/search and see if you can be an entrepreneur. At least, trying and investigation will help you unleash your managerial skills.

Business doesn't always mean you have to have men power, doesn't mean to invest on it heavily etc. It can be small scale to large scale. Couple of days ago I read an interesting story in YouStory website. A 22 year young man left his MNC company and started (along with his brother) an online selling platform where they make customized products with 1 lakh rupee initial investment. Their turn out was 34 lakhs in the first year itself! I was amazed reading this. 

You can get inspiring social and entrepreneurial stores in the below two blogs

There are numerous options available. Like for example, you can use platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, ebay etc to create your own account for selling things online sitting at home! There will take care of collecting product from you and delivering it to the customer (logistic) as well as collect money. You need to take care of packing and they charge some amount like say Rs.10 per package, something like that. Women who wish to create their own brand can think something like this. Here is a motivational video on how this works that I found in Amazon webpage

You may also open your own blog, link with online eCommerce service providers (whom take care of logistics as well as create a portal for online money collection) other than amazon, flipkart etc and have total control on your business. 

Here is a women from Panache Studio who came to IIT Madras last week as part of some function. She is currently one of the branding entrepreneur in India. FYI and motivation. 

As, you can see, there are numerous options available to be an entrepreneur. All you need to do is come up with a proper business idea and execute it, if you're a really interested. In fact PM N.Modi released a new venture, where startups gets loans on three years interest free basis. Some 2000 crores (I guess) were sanctioned for this purpose. You can check the details here - Pradhan Mantri Yojana

What can we think of selling online 

Answer is almost anything. It could be books, gadgets, accessories, appliances, garments/wears, products, art/paint, gifts etc. You can make your own idea of say design your own T shirt etc. Just like the 22 years young guy, who did his unique business like I mentioned above.

7. Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship ? how different is that from entrepreneurship ? well what I understood is any startup or self work that aims/tries at economic development, for social/environmental causes are termed as Social Entrepreneurship in which case revenues/profits are secondary only. In this case, scaling/measuring metric is mostly in terms of the impact that the idea bring to the social causes and say for ex. number of people/animal etc taht got benefited from the idea.  Earnings are there but mostly to sustain the company/startup/organization etc. Where as, usual Entrepreneurship is a self esteem business model, with primary focus on profits, gains, shares and growth in terms of market, business, competition etc.

Social Entrepreneurship is a very hot area which is mostly evolved coz of the passion of the individual towards economic growth and human/social welfare. Making a change and helping in sustainability is the key motto of SE. If you are in India or in any developing part of the world, then you have greater scope and wide opportunities to become a social entrepreneur. Reason ? because, you can identify lots of social problems that is not solved or partially solved or neglected. You can come up with your own ideas or ideate from already existing methods/ideas to find some solutions and make it a model/product. Indian Government is helping social entrepreneur in all possible respects by funding/incubating etc. Actually, any social entrepreneur is warmly welcomed from all parts of the nation and holds the highest pride of being helpful to the society as a whole. I attended UKISEEN Conference on SE here at IIT Madras and most delegates were from UK, and I came to know from them they already did some kind of internship, projects around different places of India. After returning back, I did an internet search to understand the scenario, and I learnt that most of the  foriegn nation SE mostly work in places like Africa, India, Bangladesh etc, the first three being their major concern. Why do you think they are landing at these places ? For humanity ? ............. yes of course, it is, but wait .......... other reasons also adds. They didn't find the need there, and most importantly they could spot lot of OPPORTUNITY in terms of development, idea generation as well as work.

So, if someone from outside are able to identify as well as implement ideas, can't we do ? So, my questions is, are you going to be a social minded person ? ......... Probably you should! The two links (yourstory, BetterIndia) that I provide above are the best hubs for having lots of inspirational stories. Go through at least three stories and see how social entrepreneurs vision are helping many  deserved/helpless for better tomorrow.

8. Freelancing

Freelancer is a person who is self employed and who takes short assignments/works from any source (online/offline) complete it, and earn money for the work done. Freelance is a kind of temporary agency and work is in his/her control, whether to work or not he/she decides and if took, he/she commits to complete it. In other words its a part time job and anybody can try this - including those who are in job. Women after their marriage takes up freelancing jobs especially online writing. Freelancer doesn't need to be a brand, no investment is required most of the times and so on.

Below paras are sourced from Wikipedia

Fields, professions and industries where freelancing is predominant include:
music, journalism, publishing, screen writing, film-making, acting, photojournalism, cosmetics, fragrances, editing, photography, event planning, event management, copy editing, proofreading, author editing, indexing, copy-writing, writing, computer programming, web design, graphic design, website development, consulting, tour guiding, post-secondary education, video editing, video production, translating, illustrating etc

9. Startup

Startup is similar to entrepreneurship, difference is that startup can be social or economic development related, or to improve brand or person value or create so called a identity around the world, with not that much care about returns. Here also passion is what that motivates and drives many people to build their own. Here is a social entrepreneur (startup) who developed a eco-friendly stove for rural people that releases almost no smoke and is easy to use. 

10. Online Marketing

One big thing that is driving the world is marketing, be it is social media marketing, content marketing or online marketing. As the data is growing and as the usage of internet by people is increasing, there is a strong need for marketing strategy for every company, organization, institutes, and even for individual. Jobs openings for marketing especially online marketing are always there, and you can also learn marketing techniques just for your future career growth, for your current/future business plans etc. So, have a presence in the online world and develop your value! 

11. Portfolio

If you're not willing to engage in any online platforms and is concerned more about jobs or career and if you're from art background or wanted to land in design based companies or do design courses, then utilize your time making design/art/digital works, so that it could be included in your portfolio. Your portfolio speaks about your skills! Use social media like Pinterest, devianart, Behance etc.

12. Support for resume

All the above idea that I gave like online courses, blogging, extra experimental works like art, writing, programming etc will add value to your profile and you can proudly show them in your resume to get advantage in career growths.

Additional video - Journey of Harsh as an entrepreneur 

I guess, you enjoyed reading this lengthy post and if this is not useful to you, and if you find someone who are jobless or need some motivation, then please do let him/her know about the alternate options available, that you got to know today, so that you will became a role model for him/her :)

- Good luck for your start :)


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  9. Hi Bhanu!
    I can't express the gratitude I have for you for sharing this post. I am a graduate in Architecture and currently exploring future in visual communication design.I have been unemployed for a few months and confused about my future in Architecture field. Unemployment really pushes one into a depressed state if not handled productively, which is what happened to me. Thankfully, now I'm looking for ways to overcome it and your blog post has really given me hope. Thanks a lot.

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