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What to do If I couldn't get job after doing Engineering ?

If I'm not wrong, more than 50% of the Engineering graduates have no job opportunities in India, and, usually after their graduation, they have to face many hurdles like frustration, family problems, family and relative pressures, unable to bear the one common question question 

"what are you doing now?" 

Also, we might ourselves feel bad for not being placed in any company. If you're one among them, then maybe this post could help you in making you aware of some option available in order to get rid of the frustration of being jobless after BTech/BE.

But, before going through the possible options, I just wanted to bring out few facts on "why we didn't get placed?", so that, at least, at this point, we would know the exact reason behind our backfill or will try to guide our juniors or the freshies in preventing them fall into the same pit and sufferings as we are facing now. 

Some possible reasons for not getting jobs:


You did your engineering from some random private institute which didn't offer proper placement facilities. This is the first reason why many of today's students are not able to get a proper seat. Is that right? well, that is true only to some extent! Let me tell you the truth - that this is only a fair reason. If you have performed well even in that institute and if you have scored proper percentages, then, you might have got offers from outside your colleges also - like walk-ins, online, LinkedIn etc. If your profile is good and your education backgrounds were good, then the possibilities of getting jobs from various sources would have been more. 


You have poor family background and you couldn't get placement - this case happens sometimes. But, saying that I'm poor and because of some situations I couldn't get placement is like just an EXCUSE! If your financial status is not that good, then you should've been EXTRA-CAUTIOUS and should have given more focus towards studies from the day 1, instead what might we have done ? spent time on FB, chit chats, girl friend etc.

           Think for yourself. You may ask "My college doesn't have placement what's my mistake?". Well, the actual mistake is that you didn't put your efforts before you joined engineering in private college. Imagine, if you've worked super hard and secured proper state entrance exams ranks during your 12th boards, then, you would have got several options and opportunities. You would have got seat in state government institutes that itself would have reduced the college fees burden to 2/3rd or even 3/4th of your private college fees. Is this not good? That way you could have lessen the burden on your parents, right? Even, most of the state government colleges have fair level of placement and so you would've got better placement offers. But instead, we didn't bothered getting ranks but didn't hesitated joining private institutes (which made your parents suffer interms of paying the huge college fees) and now being jobless we complain that our college has no facilities. Is this proper? Can't you have put effort earlier, (long before you joined btech) ?

3) Spent time for other matters

We get plenty of time for friends, TV's, whatssapp, FB etc and we even get time to make girl-friends/boy-friends and chat with them day and night, but when it comes to studying/reading or even doing a project, we feel bored and exhausted. The level of enthusiam that we put in the other activities are far higher than the level we utiize for studying. Am I wrong? Just give a quick recall and remember how many hours you spent everyday infront of books/laptop compared to how many hours you spent with mobile phones in hands and with the company of friends, raoming around for parties, movies, public places etc. Why is that we didn't showed interest in studying ? why didn't we keep other activities in limits ? Is that good to suffer after all the four years of relaxation/enjoyment rather than enjoying the rest of your life by working hard those minimal four years ? Afterall, 
studying is the easiest job that one can get in their whole life! 
agreed? Just think and understand the fact. Guide your juniors or friends properly.


You didn't had interest in studies, you prefered to chill out after just 2 years of hard work in 11th and 12th and now left with no option. Well, I can't comment on this because this is what you chose to be!


Was forced to take engineering even if you didn't had interest in it and now you couldn't do well during your studies. Well, I agree that this is one painful part of our lives as we might have forced to take because of family pressure or we ourselves have chosen engineering path as we might not have left with many options back then. The best thing in this case is to satisfy ourselves that after BTech we can do what we wished to do during our masters or mould ourselves to tune to the situations. Remember, there are millions out there who didn't got even this opportunity and we are at least lucky enough to get some path. 
Something is better than nothing !
and in this way we can move forward. If you have design interest but did BTech, you still have the chance to do masters in design through CEED exam. This is just one example to tell you that options are there in future too, but, the key thing is we should not neglect what we are doing now! Whatever you do, try to put your good effort aiming at completing the task totally instead of doing only part of it with uninterest. 

               Above five cases are few of the several reasons for not getting jobs after your Engineering. I can't help but I've to mention the reason just to remind you the fact. It's not about bad luck or it's not that we were forced to do, but it's purely our personal choice.  If we had enthusiam and will power to succeed and achieve things in life, we would have achieved anything! 

Most importantly, we could have been serious during our studies. So, may be you can now guide your relatives, friends or even your juniors by making them aware of the possible down effects of chilling out during BTech or even before 12th and the down effects of not being serious in properly planning in upgrading our profile. We had plenty of time for learning softwares, improve programming skills, make projects etc, but we did very less or nill!

Now, coming to the actual topic - What can we do if we don't get job after engineering

Well, usually placements happen during the first sem of the final year or in the worst case during the earlier weeks of the second sem of final year. So, by the mid of our last sem, we would get to know whether we are in safe zone or not. So, in case if you sense like you may not be able to get placement/job, then you may plan for any one or several of the options below. I will think and try to add more options, but for now I think the below options mightt come handy to you

1. Internship:

One of the best option that one can choose is to plan properly and apply for internship offers in severaal institutes/colleges, companies or even abroad (if you can afford). Uusally for internship, the company (or some times the institute) will provide you supporting fund. So, if you can try hard (by making your profile/resume attractive) and succeed in getting an internship, then you can use the time for doing some projects. 

This will help you in keeping you engaged and also connect you with company people and if your performance is good and if they liked your work, then, may be you will get the opportunity of upgrading to permenent employee (in case of company) or joining into degree (in case of internship in institutes). So, you will be having double advantage, you can show your intern work in your resume which adds value to your profile and at the same time get an offer from them. So, be on it.

2. Project Staff

Many Research institiutes (espacially IIT's, IISC and may be design institutes also) will have projects and so professors will be needing some temporary project stafffs to work on that projects. That will be like you will be paid monthly or weekly, and at the same time you may get the chance of converting into regular MS or PhD. So, this will come handy. All you need to do is go through the professors profiles in the institiute websites and write to them (mail them) asking him/her if he/she has some projects that he/she can give you. 

But, before that you should be ready with your resumes as well as preferably a cover letter. Your cover letter should state properly your interests as well as your profeiciencies/skills. Change/modify the cover letter depending on the work domain of the professor inorder to attract him. I've seen plenty of people do this away after their BTech. After six months or one year of their projject work, they switch to regular masters program and so that way they kept themselves safe without having some gap. I think this is one of the best way of utilizing time especially when you are interested i ngoing towards tech and/or research. 

3. Online Learning

There are plenty of courses available online on platforms like Coursera, Udacity, Khan academy etc. Try to take free courses by watching their videos. In that way build your profile and you can show in your resume the number of courses you did. Also, to be precise, doing courses which are trended/hot in the current scenario will be very good, and might fetch you with good career options. I agree that we are interested in core jobs, but frankly speaking even if you go to core jobs, you won't get satisfied as much as you expect. 

So, if you are in full pressure, then whether it's IT or core, just take it, may be later once you complete one or two years, you may plan to switch. But mostly you will see the nature of work is mostly unsatisfactory in the current job/work scenario (whether core or IT) and so it's better that you don't miss the opportunity. 

4. Join some other courses/porgrams

May be it's time to switch the track. If you are say design institute, then do prepare and give design based exams like CEED/NID etc. Or if you have any speciific interestes like Civils, MBA etc, look for the options available for doing these courses and plan from your last year to give them and do your best. May be changing the stream might reduce the frustration upon you. If you've interest, you may also try for GRE, CAT and other national/international exams

Some hot fields (2017)
  • Machine/Deep Learning
  • Data Science, Big Data etc
  • Data Analytics
  • Analytics
  • Computer Vision
  • Artificial Intelligence and many more

5. Programming/coding

Like I said earlier, it's ok to opt for IT field since not all jobs are satisfactory even if that's core. Even the most wished and top company works might not leave you with satisfaction. At the end of the day, you will feel like your potential is not being utilised effectively and you feel like you could have been given better responsibility. So, just to be flexible enough, it's good that every engineering student has some hands on coding skills especially on programming languages. 

Some of the recommend languages and scripts (for all engineering fields)
  • C++
  • Python
  • R language
Additional for core fields: AutoCAD/ProE (for mech, civil etc), Matlab (for mech, EE, ECE, CS) etc

6. Building Profile

Just like a resume is used to show our identity, online professional presence is turning to be a very important platform for helping the recruiters find us. Linkedin is one such online network that helps us connect with professionals. If we maintain our profile properly - showcasing our extra and necessary talents, then the recruiters themselves will find us and check our interest in their company openings. Such is the advantage of having a very good profile in LinkedIn. So, do develop and keep searching for relevant jobs in their network, which his absolutely free.

7. Low paying Jobs

Sometimes it's ok to accept some jobs which pay very less, like some 10k etc, especially when your family financial status is not that good. During your job, you may try hard in finding other suitable option, but at least until you get some good job, you need to be confident and motivated and this is why I'm suggesting to go with even small earnings. Remember, without motivation and being frustrated, you might not perform well and may not be able to find suitable options. So, accept even small offers, but, keep looking for better options. This may take from 3 months to 2 years also, but it's worth being engaged than being idle. 

8. Take some short term courses

If you're interested in pursuing further studies, you may plan to join courses for GATE and other exams including TOEFL, CAT etc. You may also try some certified courses which will be on paid basis but which might give you some specific proficiency in a field leading to jobs like say for example learning piping engineering software like Autodesk Plant3D etc. Some coaching institutes claim that they will give you coaching for a week or 3 months and finally provide you a job. Well, I don't want to say but be careful in choosing this option. Some might be fake claims and not that they can provide you job offers 100%. So, be careful before you spend.


That's it, above are the few options that popped in my mind as of now. If I get to know some more options, I will update here. Let me wrap by saying that unless you're not serious and have the will power to achieve, you may not be able to get good offers. 

So, at least from now onwards try to be productive by performing well in whatever you take/do, be it is studies, training, job etc. 

That is the way of toppers!

All the best from your bro :)

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