Saturday, 15 July 2017

PART - 2, What to choose after 12th ? B.A course list

hello brothers and sister,

Check the below poster to get to know the several career/course options after your 12th Arts. Also, check the videos for a detailed explanation of almost each individual course and their benefits along with disadvantages too. 

(click the image to download as well as to see the enlarged view)

Complete course list for 10th and 12th 

Please note that you are free to distribute, print or circulate to anyone for free and not for earning purpose. I request you to share this printed version (Black and white in A3 size) if you happened to visit any nearby state medium schools/colleges or any rural schools to bring awareness among the students for their benefit. Thank you :)

Project: Vidhya-Spurthi

(Color Version)

(Print Version)

Video - After 12th Arts - course choice (Hindi version)

Video - After 12th Arts - course choice (English version)

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